Thomas Beale Treasure...Two New Books About The Beale Treasure.
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Ten Point AsianThere are 2 books available about the Beale Treasure that are basically just a history of the tale. The are "Gold in the Blue Ridge" by P.B. Innis and "The Beale Treasure: History of a Mystery" by Peter Viemeister. Both are good books with alot of solid information in them. If you want to get caught up on the Beale story, look into buying or borrowing either of those.

For solutions, there are 4 books and a video available. One of the books by Ray Kendall is available through It's really a bunch of garbage. He basically takes the three codes, puts them on 3x5 cards, tapes them together and then draws a satanic looking star inside a circle and calls that a solution.

Then you have Will Smith/Fred Jones who had a book available where the "solution" to code 1 and 3 are given in English for about 4 words and then the rest is in French. But don't forget the parts where gibberish comes out. That was just put in there by Beale "to throw us all off". But you can't buy his book any more because he is trying to selling the movie rights.

Then you have Steven N. who has a website called He gives the whole decipherment of code 3 on his website. Plus pictures. His book isn't finished yet.

You also have Mel, whose book is just about ready to come out. He is so certain of his solution being right, that he offers a double, no TRIPLE money back guarantee plus apology if you can prove him wrong.

And finally you have Albert Atwell who along with Joseph Duran were selling a video for $30 that explains how the Adams-Onis Treaty will help you solve the codes.

The anger and frustration comes from the fact that you have so many different people with totally different solutions, all claiming the same thing. Not all of them can be right. Yet there are trolls out there who continue to enrich these people by buying into these "solutions".

It's really sad when you think about it. I mean $22,000 for materials related to the Beale Codes? And has Will Smith/Fred Jones found the treasure? No. He's selling a book to recoup his losses. $22,000 could have bought him a nice new car. Or about 2 years in a state run college. Heck up in the Blue Ridge mountains, $22K could probably get you a nice fine shack right next to Betty's Diner. :-)

To the professional cryptographer, the Beale Ciphers are a hoax because they can't use their expertise to solve them.

To the treasure hunter, the Beale Ciphers present the opportunity to strike it rich for $35 Million in gold, silver, and jewels.

To the puzzle solver, the Beale Ciphers offer the opportunity of a solve something no one else has been able to solve.

To the literary mind, the Beale Ciphers offer a last work by Edgar Allan Poe.

The Beale Ciphers can be fun, but don't let it consume you.