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            Like LeVerrier, I seek to predict, through meticulous observation, a pathway that will lead the searcher to a solution of a great mystery.  Of course, I could simply provide the key to the ciphers and be done with it, but then, there would be no mystery at all.  For over a century, this enigma has thrilled and excited many, charmed others and ruined a few poor souls.  Perhaps the addition of this little monograph to the great game will accelerate the inevitable solution, who shall tell?


To the writer, an epic adventure

If you can but find the word,

To the mathematician, a key,

But what the numbers say is absurd,

To the gold seeker, a treasure map,

But where to dig then,

To the historian, a time capsule,

But when,

And to the poet, a dream, a glistening light,

And an endless night.